Catena cyber
Services for cybersecurity


Software development

Enjoy a good C experience as well as golang and adaptability to different languages, tools and operating systems to get your cybersecurity software developed or debugged. We are specialized in :

  • Network traffic and different file formats analysis (API WFP)
  • Intrusion detection systems (Bro, Suricata)
  • Binary code analysis, including malware reverse engineering (DynamoRIO, Capstone)
  • Code audit and review


What Catena cyber brings to the cybersecurity field is the catenaccio, a word meaning "lock" in Italian and used to describe the most defensive play system in soccer.


Philippe Antoine is the CEO and founder of Catena cyber. He wants to help to improve the cyberdefense level by freely developing tools for cybersecurity experts.

He got his experience in cybersecurity and software development in ANSSI, the French national agency for cybersecurity, and LORIA, a research lab tackling malware, but also abroad : at MIT about bioinformatics and at Infineon in Munich, Germany, debugging VoIP drivers on embedded sytems. His skills are not limited to technical ones as he managed a team of fifteen people and was responsible for a €100 million European funding program for three years in Normandy.

He graduated from both Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom Paristech.